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The available basic education systems continues to exclude vulnerable children, including former child soldiers, children in remote areas, displaced children, demobilized children, street children or nomads, especially girls. As a result more than 1.8 million primary school-aged children in Sudan have no access to primary education. ELS has been designed to respond specifically to these challenges, and to bring learning opportunities to those children who need them most. Beginning with one subject, maths, for the first three years of primary education, the programme ultimately aims to cover all subjects in grades one to eight, offering children the opportunity to acquire the two certificates that lead towards the Certificate for Primary Education after completing three cycles of primary education. This Certificate is a requirement for access to secondary education or for formal employment.

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Location: Sudan

Programme Area: Equity - Education for Marginalized Groups
Programme Stage: Stage 2. Works at limited scale
Target Education Level: Primary
Location of Beneficiaries: Rural, Nomadic populations

Contact Information: UNICEF Sudan, lmclaurin[at]unicef.org or gmentxaka[at]unicef.org

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